20 Dec 2016

The 2016 Chinese Super League concludes next week with the play-offs. As early as the 16th round of the preliminary stage of the competition scheduled last Sunday, the Anxin Team has already been looking forward to the next stage.

Liu Shiwen and the rest of the team solidified their chances for the play-offs after beating Ordos. Coach Rao Jingwen admitted that it has always been their goal to finish in the top four teams.

by Henry Chen 

“We need to take each round seriously.” Rao Jingwen (Anxin Team Coach)

The women’s division of the 2016 Chinese Super League still has two more rounds in the preliminary stage before advancing into the play-offs. However, the Wuhan Anxin Team is already preparing for the bigger stage as early as now.

In the sixteenth round of the competition scheduled last Sunday 18th December; Liu Shiwen, Feng Yalan and Liu Gaoyang recorded an impressive victory against Ordos; that of course increased their chances to be in the play-offs and possibly become this year’s champions.

Currently, the Anxin Team is in the lead in the women’s division with twelve wins and four losses. Despite being tied with Shandong Luneng, such record already seals them a spot in the second stage of the league.

Head coach Rao Jingwen said after they won the 16th round that they are already looking forward to the play-offs. They are aware that the next battles will still be intense and it needs thorough preparation.

“Our current adjustments of our overall condition is good. In recent matches, our squad has attempted to make some adjustments in our formations. The playing style of our players slightly improved. All of these are our preparations for the play-offs.” Rao Jingwen explained.

Since the start of this season, the Anxin Team has already set their eyes on the goal and that is to finish in the top four teams. As of this moment, they have already realised it.

“Our goal is of course to be one of the top four teams”, Rao Jingwen.

The Anxin Team will face Shandong Luneng in the seventeenth round (Wednesday 21st December) and Beijing for the 18th round (Sunday 25th December); this season’s play-offs are scheduled for Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st December to be held in Liaoning.

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