The ITTF, in close cooperation with the IOC and the ASOIF, wants to ensure the highest standards in Integrity and Compliance.

  • If you consider that you, or someone you know has been approached for anything related to competition manipulation.
  • If you want to report about an incident if you feel that you may have been the victim of, or have witnessed, an incident of harassment and/or abuse during an ITTF event.

Please contact the ITTF Competition Manager of the event as soon as possible, or alternatively, the ITTF Integrity Officer: [email protected].


is a platform where you can share information about doping suspicion in a completely anonymous and secure manner – managed independently by the International Testing Agency (ITA). Every piece of information is important in the fight for clean sport and through REVEAL you can support the investigation of anti-doping rule violations or criminal behaviour.

In order to help to protect the clean athletes, the ITTF also supports the WADA initiative: Speak-Up! You can report in total confidence using this platform:

You may choose to provide your personal details or to write anonymously.

IOC Integrity Hotline

The IOC Integrity and Compliance Hotline can be used to report any breaches of the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions in the Olympic/Youth Olympic Games, notably betting on one’s sport, sharing inside information, any successful/unsuccessful attempt of competition manipulation, corrupt conduct, and failure to report such information. The IOC Integrity and Compliance Hotline provides confidentiality and anonymity, and it is accessible at any time for anyone who wishes to report any of the aforementioned breaches in relation to table tennis events that take place at the Olympic/Youth Olympic Games and/or under the jurisdiction of the IOC.

If you want to report any infringement of the ITTF Code of Ethics or other matters, including financial misconduct or further legal, regulatory and ethical breaches over which the ITTF has jurisdiction, you may wish to contact the ITTF Head of Integrity, on the email address: [email protected]

Note that all decisions related to breaches of conduct are published under selecting “Disciplinary Decisions” from the menu “Category”.