Please help us keeping table tennis a clean sport, speak up !

ITTF supports the WADA’s confidential and secure Whistleblower Program Speak Up! available since early 2017, that includes:

  • An online secure and encrypted platform and mobile application through which misconduct can be reported
  • A policy and procedure for reporting misconduct
  • A whistleblower agreement

Anyone, whether a player, coach, team staff, medical or paramedical personnel, parent or official, can report doping misconduct and any act or omission that could undermine the fight against doping. If you have detected, identified, witnessed or know of, or have reasonable grounds for suspecting that cheating has occurred, we encourage you to submit a report to WADA by clicking on the link below:

Please note that WADA’s program is not the only channel to report misconduct:

  • You can also contact your NADO (the list being available at here), some of them operate their own program for reporting misconduct.
  • You can also directly contact, in strict confidence, the International Testing Agency, the ITTF partner managing our anti-doping program at  [email protected] for further guidance or any question you may have.