ITTF Sports Science congresses are organized every second year from 1989 on. Until 2020 already 16 congresses have been organized worldwide. In the present folder one can find all the documents published in conjunction with the organization of the congresses – Book of abstracts and Proceedings books. During 31 years 8 issues of International Journal of Table Tennis Sciences and 6 Proceedings books have been published. All the mentioned documents are now online in this folder, except Proceedings from 2003 because of publishers’ rights (Proceedings 2003 are part of the book Science and Racket Sports III, which was published by Rutledge).

Book of Abstracts
Proceedings Books

**Proceedings book of the 14th ITTF Sports science congress and 5th World racket sports congress (Price: 20,00 EUR + shipping)
**Proceedings book of the 15th ITTF Sports science congress (Price: 20,00 EUR + shipping)

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