02 Dec 2016

Even Grand Slam champions can be challenged in the Chinese Super League. In the latest round of the women's competition on Wednesday 30th November, Ding Ning failed to perform well for her Beijing Team after a much younger opponent defeated her in a commanding manner.

Beijing's coach Yan Yongguo even admitted that Jilin and Wang Manyu are two of their strongest contenders in the competition.

By Henry Chen

“My performance today was not very good.” Ding Ning

In the latest round of the women’s competition, Ding Ning failed to deliver what was expected from her. She was beaten by the much younger and less experienced Wang Manyu in straight games (11-9, 11-9, 11-6).

Such poor performance eventually affected the overall result of the match. Beijing lost to Jilin three-one.

According to Beijing’s coach, Jilin is one of their strong contenders in the competition and Wang Manyu could be one tough opponent for Ding Ning. In fact, Wang Manyu defeated the Olympic champion in their previous encounter in the Super League.

“The Jilin Team is indeed difficult to play against. In our last encounter, we win three-two. Wang Manyu has more than a 90 per cent winning percentage against Ding Ning in the last three years.” Yan Yongguo (Beijing coach).

Ding Ning also acknowledged the strength of her opponent. She commended the backhand techniques of Wang Manyu. Overall, Ding Ning admitted that she had difficulties in the latest round.

“My condition for today’s round was not very good. Aside from that, Wang Manyu also played really well. Her backhand was very strong. I am not very familiar with her style.” Ding Ning.

Having prior experience against Jilin, the Beijing Team made huge preparation for their second encounter.  Unfortunately, their teamwork did not work out. Li Jiayuan lost the first fixture, and together with Sheng Dandan, they lost the doubles.

“We have prepared a lot for this match as we thought that it was a difficult battle. We have to consider a lot of things.” Yan Yongguo (Beijing coach).

Ding Ning is currently in third place in the individual ranking with 16 wins and seven losses. Meanwhile, the Beijing Team is tied with Shandong Luneng in third place.

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