The 2021 ITTF Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 18th September 2021.

Should you be interested in staging the 2021 AGM and related events, please complete the Expression of Interest Form which you can find beow. In addition to accepting applications from MAs, the ITTF will also accept applications from non-member organisations, provided its application is supported by the MA located within its territory.

The timeline for the bidding process is as follows:

17th March 2021               ITTF sends the Notice of Business and Expression of Interest Form.

31st March 2021                Deadline for MAs or non-member organisations to submit the Expressions of Interest (23:59 CET).

Updated: 16th April 2021                   ITTF sends the “Requirements for Hosting the 2021 ITTF Annual General Meeting” to interested MAs or non-member organisations.

Updated: 11thth May 2021 (23:59 CEST)                 Deadline for submission of bids.

May 2021                        ITTF to announce the host of the 2021 AGM





2020 ITTF virtual Annual General Meeting