05 Oct 2020

Earlier this year, another organisation made a generous in-kind donation to the ITTF Foundation.

The Guangzhou HEFU Sports Equipment Co., Ltd donated 250,000 ITTF Foundation branded table tennis training balls for the use of various field projects.

The China-based company, Guangzhou Hefu Sports Equipment Co., Ltd is a well-known table tennis equipment provider. Their philanthropic act was initiated by HEFU management, who also agreed to brand the 250,000 training balls with the logo of the ITTF Foundation.

Everyone at the ITTF highly appreciates this additional act of kindness towards our Foundation and our collective cause to spread solidarity through table tennis.

A very valuable donation.

These balls will be used at our field projects all around the world aiming at the overall goal of contributing to development and peace in the society through table tennis.

However, due to COVID-19 restrictions in most countries and regions of the world, we have not yet been able to distribute the training balls to the various ongoing global initiatives and projects. Luckily, some of these projects can finally ‘RESTART‘ after a long local lockdown, with support from the ITTF Foundation being provided to them in the near future.

Given the necessity of table tennis training balls in order to enjoy the sport, and the number of balls that are being used during a training session, we can assure that this in-kind donation will bring a much-needed aid to people from our table tennis community, regardless of their age, race, religion, gender, skills or physical abilities.

The complete shipment of the balls donated to the ITTF Foundation.

Furthermore, in these difficult and unique times, we have donated 10,000 balls to the Iranian Table Tennis Federation under the Emergency Relief Fund. This is set to help in rebuilding their table tennis training facilities, which were severely damaged by the great flood of 2019.

Through our fundraising campaign #TableTennisUnited we have also supported an Albanian table tennis academy.

“It is my pleasure to announce that we have donated 250,000 seamless table tennis balls to the ITTF Foundation as a sign of our appreciation for their mission, which consists of using table tennis as a tool for development and peace by connecting people all around the world, as well as carrying out and supporting projects in the field and empowering their partners to serve as role models; making table tennis popular, universal and inclusive. Being a member of the table tennis industry ourselves, we are delighted to contribute to such a wonderful goal and hope that table tennis will ensure a brighter future!“ Wendy Zhang, General Manager at Hefu

We, the ITTF Foundation, would like to express our sincere gratitude to Guangzhou HEFU Sports Equipment Co., Ltd for this generous donation and we are happy to welcome HEFU to the ITTF Foundation family.

ITTF Foundation