24 Jan 2022

On the occasion of the fourth International Day of Education, the ITTF highlights one of the initiatives of the ITTF Foundation in this field.

As today marks International Day of Education, the ITTF Group joins the international community to reiterate that education plays a crucial role in building sustainable and resilient societies.

The ITTF Foundation, the social responsibility arm of the Group, is committed to using table tennis as a tool for development and as a catalyst for education.

Table tennis is a strong motivator to keep children in school and improve academic performance. These are the findings of EduDrive, one of the TT Dream Building Fund initiatives in Ghana.

EduDrive ensures access to quality education for 200 children who have dropped out of school in the Ofankor and Kweikuma Community. It supports them with free national health insurance, educational materials, lunch during weekdays and female hygiene products for those in need. It also uses table tennis to motivate school children and encourage enrolment.

By using table tennis as a tool to motivate and empower, the children learn the importance of discipline and teamwork, and build valuable friendships along the way.

“Table tennis plays an essential role in EduDrive. It is a tool to inspire and build confidence among children in the slum communities. The aim is to create the driven force that eventually comes from within those children to help them overcome any hardship that might come their way in the future. They have to believe in themselves to make a change.”

– Godfred Armah, EduDrive table tennis coach

On 3 December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted with consensus a resolution proclaiming 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development. It supports and promotes transformative actions for inclusive, equitable and quality education for all.

The ITTF Foundation uses table tennis as an inclusive tool for development and peace, connecting and empowering people all over the world. It manages all the social responsibility activities of the ITTF Group, implementing award-winning projects which deliver positive social outcomes and health benefits to all populations.

Find out more about the ITTF Foundation here.

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