15 Jul 2020

Commenced in May 2020, the ITTF Foundation's initiatives have continued into July, with the result seeing project leaders from around the world being busy with major developments.

Sharing positive initiatives, we hope to encourage our fans to take a deeper look at these contributions being offering to various communities.

As part of the #TableTennisUnited movement, the ITTF Foundation have implemented a campaign that started well with 37 donors and is still growing.

The latest update comes from Uganda, where Slum Ping Pong bought supplies like smaller portions of food and soap in bulk, which were then distributed to 35 families whose children are part of the program, most of whom cannot work due to the lockdown and are not allowed to travel to the cheaper market further away.

Each family thus received:

– 10 kgs of Posho

– 5 kgs of Rice

– 5 kgs of Beans

– 5 kgs of sugar

– 3 packs of salt

– 5 bars of soap.

The support of 35 families may not sound like much but it managed to reach 112 children from the slum ping pong directly. 


The Hoima Network of Child Rights Clubs (HONECRIC) partnered with Radio Hoima 88.6 FM to support and encourage many learners to study from home instead of going to school in such an unsafe environment. This broadcast featured teachers and live class lessons in the afternoon from 2.00pm to 3.00pm for twenty weekdays (Monday to Friday) starting Wednesday 13th May and running until 12th June 2020.

Professional teachers working under Hoima district, Kikube district and Hoima municipal facilitated the lessons, covering the upper primary section. The teachers deliberately selected topics in the current syllabus for term one before cutting across the three classes of P.5 –P.6 to support children in a wider section and advised revision while at home.

A total of twenty-three lessons for five core and examinable subjects in primary classes (Integrated Science, English Language, Social Studies and Mathematics) were undertaken. 

In addition, HONECRIC offered the 13 Table tennis project schools with hand washing facilities and detergents.


The ITTF Foundation are very proud of the solidarity within the Dream Building Fund projects and their involvement in their communities and they continue to stand by all grantees during this global crisis. The next target at hand is the lifting of the lockdown so that parents can make a living again and children can play again.

If you wish to support these projects, as well as, all those in the table tennis family impacted by COVID-19: TTUnited

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