03 Apr 2020

In difficult times, it is our will to come together that makes us stronger.

With the arrival of April Fool's Day, ITTF and fans of table tennis have been making best of our time indoors to stay social and keep everyone's spirits up! Not only are we doing our part to keep everyone safe, but also joining our followers in staying active in creative manners!

by Kabir Nagpal

Being social doesn’t have to be in person! Amazing technology in our hands today, players, fans and the ITTF across social media have engaged in fun activities to keep everyone busy expressing their love for this amazing sport.

It has become increasingly important to keep everyone involved at such a difficult time and we at ITTF are doing our bit to help keep our fans happy and engage them no matter where they are in the world!

Here’s our top Hashtag campaigns of last week:

Table Tennis United

#TableTennisUnited: We asked our huge table tennis community to join us for some #WeekendFUN by creating the world’s craziest longest table tennis online rally to celebrate a very special 2020 World Table Tennis at Home Day.

#TableTennisUnited this 2020 World Table Tennis Day

#WeekendFUN 🏓 JOIN US in creating the world’s craziest longest #tabletennis online rally to celebrate a very special 2020 World Table Tennis at Home Day‼️🏠1️⃣ Film your most creative return of the ball from the front view in horizontal mode2️⃣ Tell us your COUNTRY, CITY & NAME in the file name (e.g. GERMANY_Leipzig_ITTF Foundation), so that we can give a proper shoutout to u in the final video3️⃣ Send it to http://likn.de/TJb to be part of the rally latest by 2 April 2020 🔥🔥🔥#WorldTableTennisDay #StayHomeWithTT #TableTennisUnited

Publiée par International Table Tennis Federation sur Vendredi 27 mars 2020


Stay At Home With TT

#StayAtHomeWithTT: It has been very important to allow everyone at home to see their heroes as people just like them – who are following the necessary advice of the health authorities and leading the line – albeit in a funny fashion! Here’s lesson for us all to play #SafeTableTennis at home Danish style by Peter Rosenmeier!

Peter Rosenmeier #TableTennis Fun at home | #SafeTableTennis

This is how to #SafeTableTennis at home Danish style 😆😆#StayHomeWithTT #BLOCKcovid19 #FlattenTheCurve #KeepFitStayHealthy #TableTennis

Publiée par International Table Tennis Federation sur Dimanche 29 mars 2020


TT Memes

#TTMemes: It was only so long we could stay away from everyone’s favourite way to engage with each other online! The ITTF Social media team have joined the meme-culture and here to keep everyone smiling, while also bringing together our table tennis community in hard times.

#JustSaying 😂😂😂📌 Question: Do you guys enjoy the memes ❓#StayHomeWithTT #BLOCKcovid19 #FlattenTheCurve #TTMemes #TableTennis #PingPong #Tischtennis #乒乓球 #桌球 #卓球 #탁구 #настольныйтеннис

Publiée par International Table Tennis Federation sur Dimanche 29 mars 2020


TT for Health

#TT4Health: Finally, its very important to remember that we are all in this together and that means reminding everyone that we must follow the WHO guidelines to best prevent the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you watch this video to correct your hand-washing style!

Have you been washing your hands properly? 🧼👐#TT4Health #BLOCKcovid19 #StayHomeWithTT #SafeTableTennis #TableTennisUnited #FlattenTheCurve ITTF Foundation

Publiée par International Table Tennis Federation sur Dimanche 29 mars 2020

Don’t be fooled!

In a special April Fools’ Day campaign, the ITTF social team sought out to check the fans knowledge about their favorite players over Instagram and Facebook! In the ten fun facts shared by our team, fans were asked about the titles of Chen Meng, and even building up to the eye-catching match between Jan-Ove Waldner and Tomokazu Harimoto – that never happened!

Keeping the fans laughing, it was a successful little venture with which we wished everyone a Happy April Fools’ Day!


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