07 Sep 2019

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), the Italian Table Tennis Federation (FITET) and SG Plus Ghiretti & Partners present the new logo for "Roma Ping Pong Fest - A TTX Experience", the event that marks the arrival of TTX in Europe in the splendid setting of the Imperial Fora of Rome on Sunday 6th October.

Bright and eye-catching with it’s colourful presentation the logo features the wondrous imagery of the Colosseum, Rome’s symbol of excellence with six curved lines to represent the speed, dynamism and simplicity of this new style of ping pong.

The European TTX party pays homage to Italy and its tricolored flag, the vivacity of green and red emphasizes the name of the event while white dominates the background. The logo is moving, following the ideal motion of a ball hit by a racquet which stops in “Pong”, where an unmistakable yellow ball can be found.

Linear, immediately comprehensible, with vivid colors: “Roma Ping Pong Fest” launches its new logo and plays host to the second exciting TTX venture of 2019.

The action heads to the historical city of Rome hot on the heels of the first TTX of the year in Denver which proved to be a raging success, giving over 4,200 attendees a day to remember. Read more about the amazing Smash Street experience in Denver here.

To follow the emotions and stay up to date on “Roma Ping Pong Fest – A TTX Experience”, just follow the official website of FITET ( ), the Facebook channels ( and Instagram (fitet_official), and TTXWorld on Facebook and Instagram for further updates.

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