03 Oct 2018

With the increased number of events announced from 2019 on, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) will be holding a Competition Managers Workshop, from 16 to 18 November 2018, in Singapore to provide training & updates to current Competition Managers and increase capacity with new potential applicants.

The Workshop will cover several topics such as the recently released ITTF Strategic Plan, key responsibilities of Competition Managers, event management, competition operations as well as para table tennis and tie-in with marketing operations for a holistic overview of ITTF event operations.

The Competition Managers Workshop will be open to ITTF Competition Managers by invitation, ITTF Assigned Competition Managers, and new potential applicants who are interested to become Competition Managers, can submit their application for the Workshop via the online application form before 10 October 2018.

Selected applicants will be informed before 15 October 2018.

The ITTF will be offering free hospitality to all participants of the Workshop from 15 November to 18 November 2018. More information on the conditions can be found in the Workshop agenda.

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Deadline for Application – 10 October 2018

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