04 Jul 2018

The master of serving from the centre of the table with the backhand; then following with a powerful top spin stroke, a fact he proved by winning the Men’s World Cup in both 1993 and 1997, Croatia’s Zoran Primorac is now a master in another sphere.

On Thursday 28th June, at the Libertas International University in Zagreb, he received the accolade of Master of International Relations and Diplomacy.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The award was the outcome of a 72 page thesis which he commenced last October. It is the result of detailed research; the theme being the contribution of top sport and its role in promoting Croatia on the international market.

“Top sport as a promoter on the international market is an important factor for every country, because of its growing popularity at all levels. Sport gets the highest attention in the media and sport events are regularly one of the most watched. Therefore, we should look at sport from the principles of modern management and marketing, to understand its complexity. The aim of my graduate thesis was to show the marketing side of sport, its value and how it can support the prosperity of a country like Croatia.” Zoran Primorac

A detailed work completed; now very much attention is directed towards the coaching role he fulfils at the Russian club UMMC.

“We have two new players Fang Bo and Jonathan Groth, together with Alexander Shibaev and Andrej Gacina. We have strong ambitions for the upcoming European Champions League.” Zoran Primorac

The immediate future; there is also the long term future where knowledge gained over more than two decades of international play and of course, from an area of the world that has witnessed considerable political change, can be put to good use.

“I would like to use my experience and knowledge in my sport of table tennis. I think we have bright future; as a newly elected member of the ITTF Athletes Commission I would like to put a lot of effort in helping the players.” Zoran Primorac

Undoubtedly Zoran Primorac has a great deal to offer rising generations. Over the years he has gained a great deal of respect not only in table tennis but in sport in general.

Notably at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games he was the Croatian flag bearer.

Athletes Commission Zoran Primorac