01 Jan 2017

The 2016 Chinese Super League concluded on Saturday 31st December with an unbeaten performance from Fan Zhendong guiding Bayi to a three-one win over Bazhou in the Men's final.

It was an outstanding achievement, especially for the man at the helm of proceedings, Wang Hao, the 2009 World champion.

by Henry Chen 

“Today’s match was very intense. During our preparatory meeting, many were saying we should prepare for Shandong Weiqiao. I think we have done more than enough preparation for the difficulties that we have had to face”, Wang Hao

Shandong Weiqiao was the top ranked team expected to reach the final round; but lo and behold, Ma Long and company were overwhelmed by Bazhou in the semi-finals. Hence, it was Bayi versus Bazhou for the final.

Four matches in the final duel and the result was declared: Bayi triumphed over Bazhou and finally secured the precious trophy after fifteen years of the competition.

“This championship may not be the most important title in my life but it is the way that I have to follow to being the best coach”, Wang Hao

Wang Hao first served the Bayi Team as coach in 2015 where they lost the final against Ningbo, Ma Long’s former team.

Fan Zhendong in action in the men's final of the 2016 Chinese Super League. (Photo from Sohu Sports)
Fan Zhendong in action in the final of the 2016 Chinese Men’s Super League. (Photo from Sohu Sports)

Fan Zhendong definitely lived up to the expectations. He was the backbone of success.

In the final, Fan Zhendong survived a tough challenge by Wang Chuqin, he lost the first two games before recovering to win (9-11, 10-12, 11-7, 12-10, 7-5).

“Fan Zhendong was able to recover after a zero-two deficit today. He raised the banner for Bayi and led the team to the championship. Fan Zhendong has a great potential”, Wang Hao

Wang Hao, of course is not just grateful for Fan Zhendong’s efforts but everyone from their team who contributed to their success.

“Thanks to our team players and to the logistics and staff of the club for providing their service”, Wang Hao

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