23 Dec 2016

Injury can strike at any time and can affect anyone. In the 17th round of the 2016 Chinese Super League on Tuesday 20th December, Shanghai's lead player, Xu Xin, injured his right leg forcing him to retire from the battle against Ren Hao.

Now, as the competition is entering the more critical phase, Xu Xin is taking care as he prepares for the battles ahead.

by Henry Chen 

Xu Xin’s was beaten by Ren Hao in four games (11-9, 9-11, 11-3, 11-0).

“I might not play in the last round of the preliminary stage. I will be investing my efforts in preparing for the semi-final round”, Xu Xin

The Olympic Team champion admitted he didn’t have any reaction initially but when it reached the third game, Ren Hao became more aggressive forcing Xu Xin to move a lot. Clearly the technical adjustments affected Xu Xin.

Shanghai’s lead player then decided to retire from the competition. After the match, he reported to his coach, Wu Jingping. “Coach Wu understood my situation.”

Xu Xin assured that the injury is not very serious. “Looking at it now, the injury is not that serious. I still need to consult the team’s doctor if I need to visit the hospital.”

The decision to retire in the 17th round of the league’s proceedings is logical as Xu Xin was looking ahead. Currently, the Shanghai Team is in third place in the team ranking. Most likely, they will advance further into the Play-Offs.

The next stage in the competition is definitely more important for Xu Xin; his retirement could affect his individual standing in the league but that is not one of his concerns. He is more interested in bringing his team further in the tournament.

“I hope I would be able to help the team go even further”, Xu Xin.

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