22 Dec 2016

Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Liu Shiwen, and Zhu Yuling are just some of the names who will be in action in this season’s Chinese Super League Play-Offs.

The big names in the line-up are expected to draw an overwhelming number of fans and enthusiasts to witness a table tennis ending year spectacular.

by Henry Chen 

The Chinese Super League is recognised as the table tennis league with the highest level of competition. Top players, not just from China but from all over the world, participate in this tournament, attracting a great number of spectators and fans.

However, this season seems to be more special. The 2016 proceedings have drawn more awareness and interest when compared to past seasons; this is because of the successful expedition of the Chinese National Team at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Notably, the core players of the national team, like Ma Long and Liu Shiwen, enjoy a great amount of attention from their supporters.

Ma Long was given money by some of his fans while Liu Shiwen received expensive make-up from her followers. Ma Long had to plea to his fans not to repeat such an act again. Ma Long and Liu Shiwen will just be two of the main players who would be in action in the 2016 Chinese Super League Play-Offs. It is expected that the next stage of the competition will be hot.

Importantly, Ma Long is the core member of Shandong Weiqiao which is the leading team in the Men’s Division. They have already sealed their place in the Play-Offs. Bayi is the other strong contender in the men’s competition. Fan Zhendong and company are ranked second. Xu Xin’s Shanghai also has a good chance to advance further in the tournament.

The fourth spot into the Play-Offs is between Bazhou and Shandong Luneng. The verdict will be known after the 18th round of the preliminary stage on Saturday 24th December.

Liu Shiwen’s Anxin and Zhu Yuling’s Shandong Luneng are in the lead in the Women’s Division, sealing their seats in the final stage of the competition.

The 2016 Chinese Super League Playoffs is scheduled on 29th to 31st of December to be held in Anhui, China.

Notably, the next stage will be played using the knock-out system but in an innovative manner. The top ranked team may choose their semi-final opponents between the third and fourth rated outfit.

There is no third place play-off; the bronze medal position is decided by the final place in the league table.

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