18 Nov 2016

The name Chen Meng has been associated with Shandong Luneng after she represented the team for the past seasons of the Chinese Super League. However, for this year's competition, Chen Meng goes back to her roots.

She said she is happy to be playing for Shenzhen and she aims to be more confident in leading her teammates in her new home.

By Henry Chen

“I give myself 70%.” Chen Meng said.

From Shandong Luneng, Chen Meng is now representing the Shenzhen Team in this season’s Chinese Super League.

The team is currently in the sixth place with five wins and four losses. Meanwhile, Chen Meng is ranked third in the individual ranking.

“My condition in the first few rounds was not particularly good. I wasn’t into the momentum. But I gradually found the rhythm in the subsequent matches. It was only after playing several rounds that I got satisfied with my performance.” She added.

Since the Shenzhen Team is mostly comprised by newbies in the competition, the whole squad is managing their expectations, including Chen Meng. As the more experienced player, she provides encouragement and guidance to her teammates Wang Yidi, He Zhuojia, Qian Tianyi, and Sun Yingsha.

“It is their first time to play in the Super League and it gives the team vitality.” Chen Meng explained.

The team leader is aware that everyone in their team wants to show and prove themselves. However it is also a common knowledge that winning is not easy.

Chen Meng advices:

“Losing is normal. I always tell them to perform their level. Giving their best in the matches is already enough.”

Everything is new for Chen Meng in this season’s competition but she actually feels very positive about such change. Playing for her alma mater, Shenzhen University, makes her feel at home.

“The atmosphere in the home court is especially good. This makes me feel more confident and fierce.” Chen Meng said.

The preliminary stage of the Chinese Super League is not finished yet. The competition will resume this Sunday, 20th November for the women’s division. Chen Meng aims to strive more in her performances to give a better result for her team.

“I will increase my sense of responsibility and the confidence to adhere with my goals.” Chen Meng concluded.

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