23 Aug 2016

Table Tennis Daily's latest podcast features the ITTF's Steve Dainton, taking an in-depth look at TTX amongst other subjects.

by Simon Daish

Steve Dainton, who has been helping to promote Table Tennis as the ITTF Marketing Director for the past eight years, spoke to Table Tennis Daily following the launch of a new form of Table Tennis, TTX.

TTX is designed so you can play Table Tennis literally anywhere with a table. Featuring a bigger ball than used in traditional Table Tennis, and simplified rackets with less spin, TTX is perfect for outside conditions.

The podcast touches on TTX’s new rules, new equipment, its long-term vision and more.

Dainton spoke about the launch event for TTX, “It got a very good reception here in Rio, of course it’s a great place to do it because we’re on the beach – it’s Rio de Janeiro where they love their beach volleyball, they love to be outside … enjoy nature and somehow the TTX kind of brand.. the idea fits very well with Rio de Janeiro”


With regard to the new balls being used for TTX, Dainton spoke in detail about the research process, “We did a lot of research – we bought lots of balls from the market – we did all sorts of testing. The research company made all different kinds of prototypes with different types of materials and surprisingly enough without… knowledge of the market they came back and said they found a really fantastic material which they believe is the best material for us to make the Table Tennis ball… and that material is something called ABS.” Dainton added, “ABS is actually the material that Nittaku and a couple of current manufacturers are using to produce the new Poly Table Tennis ball – so funnily enough it did a full circle and the only major difference was that we will increase the weight.”

You can listen to the full podcast HERE.

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