The plus sign in the logo symbolises the Swiss quality and reliability Tissot has shown since 1853. The watches, sold in more than 160 countries, are authentic, accessible and use special materials, advanced functionalities and meticulous design. Tissot stands by its signature, Innovators by Tradition.

Partnership profile

Sport has been a passion since the very beginnings at Tissot. However, it has always wanted to be more than just a sponsor; it wanted to be a part of the game by doing what it does best – timekeeping. In addition to being a natural vector for communication, reaching a large number of people through an exciting and emotional medium, timekeeping is also a way to stay on top in terms of technology. As sports evolve, so does the brand. Tissot strives for better performance, dedicating itself to the search of new technologies to deliver more accurate results every time it steps into the sporting arena. Thanks to this dedication, Tissot is now a trusted Official Timekeeper and partner of many of the most important sporting events and disciplines around the world. Find out more here.

Table Tennis Timekeeping

The ball rockets from one side of the table to the other at frightening speeds and with tremendous spin. Table tennis is the most popular racket sport in the world, and, in terms of participation, ranks second overall (out of ALL sports). Over 10 million players compete in sanctioned tournaments every year. Table tennis at the international level is a joy to watch.

Tissot, in addition to managing match timing for the Table Tennis, also provides fans, coaches, athletes, commentators, media and more with unprecedented, live statistical information. Stats such as: points played, points won, points lost, unforced errors, points won on serve, points lost on serve, points won on return of service, points lost on return of service and more.

Tissot has developed several state of the art, information technology-based systems to allow everyone, from professional player to avid fan, to analyse and enjoy today’s dynamic and energetic table tennis championships even more.




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