Established in 1949, the Liebherr Group today is a leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, but also supplies innovative user oriented products and services in many other fields. The family-owned enterprise employs 42,000 people in over 135 companies worldwide.

Partnership profile

Liebherr is a long-standing partner of table tennis and has been central to many of the ITTF developments over almost two decades. Liebherr has supported many world events since 2003, and also donated to the ITTF’s global Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Dream Building, to improve our world and change lives through table tennis.


Liebherr aims to use the global popularity of table tennis to increase brand awareness of two Liebherr products: construction machinery for businesses and domestic appliances for consumers. A geographic focus is on Germany and China. World table tennis events will also provide a platform for Liebherr to engage with business partners in a friendly sporting environment, as well as showcase their range of consumer products to the attending public as well as those engaging on ITTF digital platforms.

In addition, the inclusive nature of table tennis aligns with Liebherr brand values and provides the link for Liebherr to support ITTF’s ‘Dream Building‘ Programme as part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility objectives.

Liebherr’s approach to innovation in the world of construction provided the platform to launch a new product at the Liebherr 2017 World Championships in Düsseldorf. Liebherr Live was a daily show rounding up the key moments from Messe Düsseldorf including insights from legends, current players, and important figures in the world of table tennis.

You can watch one of the Liebherr Live episodes here:



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