The ITTF now has over 2 million engaged fans across owned social media platforms.

On Facebook, we have an average of 13 million monthly impressions and YouTube monthly average views of 3 million. In February 2017, the ITTF surpassed a million followers on Sina Weibo in China.

The Liebherr 2017 World Championships broke social engagement records for table tennis when #ITTFWorlds2017 achieved:

  • 240 million Weibo impressions
  • 34.7 million Facebook Impressions, with reach of 10.3 million and engagement of 4.9 million
  • 3.3 million Twitter Impressions and 7.5 million on Instagram
  • 2.4 million views on YouTube with 4.4 million minutes viewed
  • 640,000 unique visitors to
  • 12,400 media articles


Our fans enjoy a variety of table tennis videos from the ridiculous rallies, to the funny antics, as well as videos of how table tennis has changed people’s lives. Some of our YouTube content has been viewed between 3 and 13 million times.





ITTF also aims to create engaging content and to bring the players closer to the fans like with Qoros Driving with the Stars: