Functioning of the Athletes Emergency Fund

The use of this Athletes Emergency Fund is restricted to emergency cases related to illnesses and accidents. The criteria of eligibility are described below.

Please read carefully to the end before downloading the AEF Application Form 2019-2021.


Players entitled to access the fund

Requests for help may be made by any player who has represented his/her country in international competitions at one of the following levels:

  • Junior/ Senior Continental and World Championships
  • Paralympic or Olympic Games
  • World Circuit: the player must have participated in at least 5 ITTF World Tour events.
  • Junior and cadet circuit: the player must have participated in at least 8 junior and/or cadet circuit tournament

Selection criteria taken into account

  • Nature of the illness / accident
  • Financial resources of the player asking for help
    • Urgency of the situation
    • Cost of treatment

Eligibility period

The eligibility period for athletes to apply is up to one year after the illness/accident.

Decision process

  • Formalities related to the request

Requests will be made by the player. In case of impossibility for the player to make the request, the request can be made by a member of his/her family or a relative. The request must be made via the ITTF Athletes’ Commission AEF application form.

The application must be sent to the Chair of the Athletes’ Commission. All the supporting documents should be submitted with the application. The AC may request further information or documentation from the applicant.

Demand Analysis

Upon receipt, the Chairman of the ITTF Athletes’ Commission shall notify all the members of the Commission, giving his initial guidelines in the light of the criteria for awarding aid. In view of the urgency of the requests, the members of the Commission will be able to take the decision by vote made by email or during a video-conference.

The Commission shall first rule on the admissibility of the application and, where appropriate, on the amount of the aid. The ITTF Athletes’ Commission is independent in the management of this fund, however, it informs the Director of the ITTF Foundation of the decision and shares all relevant documentation.

The decision shall be notified to the applicant as soon as possible, even if the application is manifestly inadmissible.

Payment of the Aid

The ITTF Foundation makes the payment directly to the account of the athlete. In order to make the payment, the ITTF Foundation requires an invoice from the athlete addressed to the ITTF Foundation which includes the following information: bank details, applicants address, invoice number, date and tax ID number.#

Download the AEF Application Form 2019-2021 by clicking on the link.