01 Feb 2024

In the relentless pursuit of a clean and fair sporting arena, science takes center stage. WADA’s latest call for proposals for the 2024 Scientific Research Grants underscores the pivotal role of innovative research in uncovering new dimensions of doping trends, drugs, delivery mechanisms, and detection methods.

WADA has invested over USD 90 million in more than 600 research projects since 2001. These grants serve as a crucial catalyst, amplifying research efforts dedicated to forging new and enhanced detection methods for performance-enhancing substances. More than just financial support, these grants draw in researchers with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches, propelling breakthroughs in anti-doping science.

Scientists passionate about contributing to the forefront of anti-doping innovation are encouraged to submit expressions of interest (EOIs) for the 2024 Scientific Research Grant Programme via WADA’s dedicated platform, WADAGrants. This initiative not only empowers researchers but collectively fortifies the global commitment to eradicating doping in sports.

For comprehensive details on anti-doping efforts and WADA’s extensive activities, visit the official WADA website.

Sports Science