17 Jan 2024

Now in its fourth year in total, the ITTF Participation Program is kicking off for the third and final year of the 2022-2024 cycle. With its cyclical nature, the program has been wildly successful, with over 80% of Member Associations engaging with the ITTF Development team on tailor-made opportunities on offer to them.

“I am looking forward to follow the interaction happening with our Member Associations supported through the ITTF Participation Program. As the ITTF President, I am incredibly proud of our strong and active membership base and their hard daily grind to keep developing table tennis.  We now need to establish a strong support model and pay close attention to the basic needs identified by our members. The key is to listen, understand and respond”, said Petra Sörling, ITTF President

“In 2024, the final year of this cycle, we continue to provide comprehensive and focused support to Member Associations. The Program has been instrumental in driving sustainable growth and development of table tennis worldwide, and we look forward to 2024, where we will continue to reinforce a strong foundation for the future of our sport.” Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO

“Going into the final year of the current Participation Program cycle, the overwhelming engagement of over 80% of Member Associations speaks to the program’s success in line with ITTF’s mission. Let’s unite forces, work collaboratively, and create a better future for our beloved sport in 2024 and beyond.” Mikael Andersson, ITTF Sports Development Director

Member Associations are eligible for support under three incentives: the MA Activity, the National Project, and the ITTF Online Services delivered by the Participation Officers and ITTF Experts. MAs will also have access to exclusive services offered by our Partners Stupa Analytics and StreetTT, enriching national projects with match analysis powered by AI, event management packages and building urban table tennis communities through play on publicly accessible tables.

“We are very excited to go into the final year of our Participation Program’s three-year cycle, ensuring all eligible Member Associations can engage with all aspects of the Program. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive, with Member Associations making the most of every National Project, MA Activity or Online Service offered to them. We are looking forward to a great 2024 continuing to engage stakeholders at all levels” Yelena Druzhkova, Head of Development Programs

To activate their access to the Participation Program, MAs are invited to complete the 2024 Development Questionnaire, send to their official email address. The deadline to complete this has been extended to ensure all associations will be able to complete this vital questionnaire, which will also serve as a basis for the 2024 MA Categorization Review. ITTF Participation Officers are available to respond to any queries with regard to completing the questionnaire.

For more information on the 2024 ITTF Participation Program, please check the Brochure.

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