16 Aug 2023

ITTF Development is pleased to announce the launch of the application process for the Continental Training Center Initiative. This initiative is designed to foster collaboration at the national, regional, continental, and international levels, bolstering growth, quality improvement, and promotion of table tennis based on dynamic partnerships between the ITTF and the Training Centers endorsed by their respective Member Associations, serving as the backbone for future player development programs and projects.

Prospective applicants will have to demonstrate that their centers can offer a high performance training environment to players and coaches, including the latest and most advanced training methods and techniques and science-based comprehensive physical training plans for targeted players. They will also be aiming to improve the general and individual performance levels of participants in regular training groups or during training camps. Applications must include an endorsement from their respective Member Association, in-depth insights into the facilities available, overall training environment, potential for future player and coach development initiatives, and detailed plans and objectives for the future.

The centers should serve as hubs of excellence and cooperation within the continents.

As the creation of high performance training environments is at the forefront of the Initiative, a Continental Training Center will also have the opportunity to host possible national, regional, continental and international Development and/or High Performance projects, promote and develop the sport of table tennis in the district, region, country or internationally, and foster a culture of universality, global reach and solidarity in its daily operations and general code of conduct.

Upon successful evaluation, the selected training centers will initially be recognized and endorsed by the ITTF for the year 2023 with an option to extend the recognition for 2024.

To apply, please complete the Application Form by 3 September 2023.

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