23 Nov 2022

Enhancing education and promoting fair competition

Advocating integrity, caring for the welfare of athletes, supporting sporting organisations in their efforts to maintain hard earned reputations for fair play; the International Testing Agency (ITA) is hosting a series of webinars, inviting the entire table tennis family.

The aim crystal clear: to advance the cause of keeping sport clean.

Next on the agenda is: “Medications, Supplements, Prohibited List and TUEs”

  • How to navigate the Prohibited List and check your medications?
  • Thinking about using supplements?
  • What is a Therapeutic Use Exemption?
  • What is the principle of Strict Liability?
  • As a high-performance athlete or athlete support personnel, you need to know the answers to these questions.

Players, coaches and all involved are strongly advised to attend the webinars; conducted in English, simultaneous translation being available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Those who attend all five sessions will receive a certificate from the ITA.

It is important that participants sign up for each session using the links below as they are stand-alone webinars.

Registered participants can also replay the sessions.

All five sessions commence at 14.00 hours (CET) and last for one hour.


  1. Thursday 10th November: Introduction to anti-doping: overview of the system, rights and responsibilities, ADRVs
  2. Thursday 17th November: The Doping Control Process: includes testing procedures (urine and blood) and ABP
  3. Thursday 24th November: Medications, Supplements, Prohibited List and TUEs: includes the Principle of Strict Liability
  4. Thursday 1st December: Principles and Values of Clean Sport: includes sanctions, consequences and speaking up
  5. Thursday 8th December: Out-of-Competition Testing: Includes requirements of RTP/TP, whereabouts, use of ADAMS

The International Testing Agency was established in March 2017, following the proposal made by the International Olympic Committee at the Olympic Summit held in October 2015. Non-profit making, based in Lausanne, the organisation became fully operational in July 2018.


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