25 Aug 2022

From 13-17 August, Cuenca (ECU) hosted an ITTF High Performance Girls Training Camp prior to the WTT Youth Contender. Perfectly organized by the Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation (FETM) the 5 days of training served as ideal preparation for the subsequent competition.

Besides local players and coaches from Ecuador, players and coaches from India, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Colombia joined the camp. Close interaction between players and coaches and using the latest methodology in improving techniques and tactics were well received by the participants.

“The camp was fun and educational, benefitting all players. We had match practices according to the tournament beforehand and all the players and coaches were very kind and supportive. I loved Cuenca , the tournament, the organization was very good. The camp of course helped me perform better at the tournament, and winning a medal for the country is always a very proud moment.” Yashaswini Ghorpade (IND),  U19 Winner, WTT Youth Contender Cuenca

Yashaswini Ghorpade (IND)

During the six hours of daily table tennis work, participants lived up to their full potential in regular one-on-one and many-ball sessions. The camp was structured in two parts, with the focus of the first 3 days on basic drills with the aim of increasing consistency within rallies and adapting to the playing conditions. Due to the altitude (2500m above sea level), the intensity of the work was planned accordingly in order to not create an oxygen imbalance.
The second part of the camp was dedicated to tactical and game-like situations. Based on individual skills, the drills were designed to make players achieve their basic goals.

“We had a very good week of training with Massimo Constantini in Cuenca. Despite there being a big difference in the level of the players, the week was very good for everyone.” Mari de Graaf , coach (ECU)

“Coach Massimo Constantini made suggestions to each of the players on improvements to their game, which we will put into practice in my country, Colombia.  The camp had great guidance, work and contributions from Professor Massimo, as well as highlighting the good organization by the Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation. I can only congratulate everyone who made this unique learning opportunity possible for America’s athletes and coaches.  Many thanks to ITTF, Massimo Constantini and FETM.” Juan Diego Diez González, coach (COL)

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