07 Jun 2022

A thirst for learning, new generation prepares to assume lead role.

Organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, alongside the Nigerian Table Tennis Federation, the Westbrook Hotel in Ikoyi, regarded as the most affluent area of Lagos, was the recent home for a Competition Managers’ seminar.

Under the direction of Mohamed El-Dawlatly, the ITTF Competition Services Manager, the three day course, aimed at those under 40 years of age, commenced on Sunday 22nd May.

Additional to Nigeria, course members travelled from Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia and South Africa.

Olalekan Okusan, ITTF Member Relations Media Officer, spoke to Mohamed El-Dawlatly and several course members.

“We had very interactive sessions, even sometimes extending the sessions far longer than planned, simply because they asked so many questions in the quest to know more. We had a very successful site inspection which helped the participants to see and understand what happens on site, this was very useful.” Mohamed El-Dawlatly

“The knowledge received at this seminar has given me a better understanding of the real duties of the competition manager; this will help me to add a touch of professionalism to my work, organising competitions at national and international levels.” Agloh Abla Egnonam (Togo)

“I gained a lot from the seminar, I now know how to manage and plan an entire tournament, starting from managing the entry system, going through the draws, scheduling the matches as well as what to do on the site and how to deal with different situations in a tournament.” Menna Elzaabalawy (Egypt)

“I have gained priceless knowledge that equips me to be able to identify and perceive any impediments while making sure that it does not affect the presentation of the event. Ghana will be hosting the 2023 All Africa Games and we need to make sure we set the right standards for the World and Africa. If I am invited to be involved that’s exactly what I will make sure happens. Apart from this, I will be assisting the Ghana Table Tennis Federation by making sure that events they organise are of the best standards.” William Asare (Ghana)

“The gains I got from the seminar are numerous. I was able to network with at least seven countries in Africa by sharing experience, getting updates on new ideas and knowledge from respected lecturers. The practical session was an eye-opener, and it will surely help my country and my region.” Abeba Amare (Ethiopia)

“We have hosted several ITTF and WTT events and being part of the seminar has broadened my knowledge. I must commend ITTF and NTTF for this rare opportunity. I hope that we can replicate the knowledge acquired in our country.” Ghazi Benhassen (Tunisia)

“Our national federation is a new federation. We need such seminars and courses to develop table tennis in my country. I have gained a lot from this seminar. I now know the responsibilities of a competition manager in an event. When I get back to my country, I will try to implement everything I learnt from the seminar as much as I can, so that we get adapted to international standards. I will also share my knowledge with the people in my country so that they understand working with ITTF. I will also be ready to assist my region, Eastern, whenever I am called upon in this field.” Ahmedin Mohammedhagos (Eritrea)

“I developed interest after seeing the competition manager of the last Western Region Championship. I was fascinated with the way he dished out information and I already had plans to do an online course with ITTF, and when the opportunity came, I quickly grabbed it. I gained a lot at the seminar because it exposed me to the duties of the competition manager as well as other things needed for a successful tournament. I hope to put what I learnt into practice in any local competition in Nigeria. The seminar environment was inspiring for me. Our lecturer was on point in all classes.” Yewande Adeosun (Nigeria)

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