21 Feb 2022

We’re hiring! The ITTF Group is currently seeking motivated candidates for the following positions. Join us in our mission to promote table tennis across the globe through engagement, innovation and passion!

ITTF Group Sports Director

The ITTF Group Sports Director will support the vision, direction and the world-leading culture that delivers sustainable success and inspiring performances at all major Table Tennis events.

ITTF Head of Equipment

The ITTF Head of Equipment will be responsible for the professionalization of the management, development and research of all ITTF related equipment.

ITTF Events Project Manager

The ITTF Events Project Manager will be at the forefront in ensuring the successful resourcing and administration of ITTF Events.

ITTF Executive Assistant to Group CEO

The Executive Assistant to the Group CEO is responsible for providing comprehensive support to the CEO and managing the organization’s office operations.

ITTF Integrity Board – Independent Members

There are two Independent Member positions currently being recruited for the Integrity Board. One of these roles requires strategic and operational experience in the field of sport integrity, and the other for experience related to sport integrity investigations.

Interested applicants can view detailed job descriptions and apply for the advertised positions through the ITTF Careers page.

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