01 Feb 2022

Members of the Para Table Tennis Committee held meetings to shape the new vision for the sport while the ITTF Executive Committee passed a resolution to change the ranking system.

Leaders of the ITTF and the Para Table Tennis Committee held strategic meetings in Malmö last weekend to set a new course for Para Table Tennis.

Together, they defined a five-year vision for the sport and agreed on a timeline to produce a strategic plan this year.

“I want to reinforce further the standing of Para Table Tennis among the Paralympic sports,” said Petra Sörling. “We discussed where we want Para Table Tennis to be in five years and what we needed to do to achieve that vision.”

In attendance were:

  • Petra Sörling, ITTF President
  • Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO
  • Raul Calin, ITTF Secretary General
  • Constantina Crotta, Chair of the Para Table Tennis Committee
  • Tomas Varga, member of the Para Table Tennis Committee
  • Gorazd Vecko, Member of the Para Table Tennis Committee
  • Alena Kanova, Member of the ITTF Athletes’ Commission (remotely)
  • Trevor Hirth, member of the ITTF Athletes’ Commission commission (remotely)
  • Pablo Perez, Para Table Tennis Events and Classification Manager

A consultant team from Deloitte joined them. The global advisory firm assisted the ITTF in defining the vision, mission, and strategic priorities for para table tennis. It will support the implementation of the strategy and monitor its progress.

Discussions also focused on a new competition structure, the event calendar, and the classification system. Marketing was also on the agenda, and participants agreed to develop a new business model and branding to attract commercial partners.

“It was a very productive session,” said Crotta. “We have laid the foundations, and we are now on the right track. This work will greatly benefit para table tennis. The next step now is to consult with the ITTF Family.”

Furthermore, the ITTF Executive Committee also discussed and approved the Para Table Tennis Committee‘s proposals to change the ranking system.

These include a modification of the rules for newly rated players, changing the number of points allocated by the rating system, adjusting the periodic compression, freezing possibility during a pregnancy period, and the introduction of the doubles and mixed doubles rankings.

More information about the Para Table Tennis ranking system 2022 is available on the ITTF Para Table Tennis website.

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