13 Dec 2021

The #TableTennisUnited Fund has supported 109 initiatives worldwide since its launch in June 2020. With the generous donation of 57 donors and the ITTF Group, a total of 406,428 USD (and counting!) is raised and has been distributed to help those that took a hard hit by the pandemic in the table tennis community.

It is a mixed feeling we have as 2021 is coming to an end. Covid-19 is unfortunately still the centre piece of our daily lives as new variants develop at an unimaginable speed. Even during this uncertain times, we are happy to see table tennis organisations, local clubs, and the ITTF Member Associations strive to support their community the best they could. As the last #TableTennisUnited update of the year, we would like to take a look at some other amazing initiates we have supported in 2021.

Saroj’s Table Tennis 4 All Academy

Lalitpur, Nepal

Academy owner, ITTF level 2 coach and international umpire Naresh Rawal teaches and accommodates 21 boys and girls from disadvantaged families. The young players receive free table tennis coaching and are encouraged to dream big and become professional players one day.

“I want to show the children and their parents that one can make money by doing sport! Thank you ITTF Foundation and #TableTennisUnited Fund for trusting me and allowing the academy to continue its support for those children during the pandemic. The financial assistance would be put to good use in providing food and accommodation for the children, as well as their personal table tennis equipment.” – Naresh Rawal.

Racket Table Tennis Club

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The local club promotes table tennis as a sport for all and uses it as a tool to empower and motivate children in difficult times. During the pandemic, when the situation has become tougher than usual, the club never gave up and has even extended its reach to promote table tennis in nearby communities.

“The children are so happy as the donated equipment becomes our salvation from the challenges we are going through. They now play with more enthusiasm and are improving rapidly in their table tennis skill. Those equipments are not only for our club but they are also available to everyone who wishes to enjoy table tennis.” – Khalid Ahmed, Founder of the Racket Table Tennis Club.

YUVEDO Foundation, Berlin, Germany
YUVEDO Foundation

Berlin, Germany

A familiar organisation to our followers and our trust ally in TT4Health, the YUVEDO Foundation was the organising committee of the 2021 ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships (PWTTC) in Berlin.

“People with Parkinson’s should be celebrated, and it is the mission of the YUVEDO Foundation to support the research and therapy for the Parkinson’s disease. Thanks to the #TableTennisUnited Fund, we have brought the 2021 PWTTC to Berlin. With 135 players from 21 countries competed in passionate matches, we have proven once again that together we achieve more.” – Jens Greve, Founder and Managing Director of YUVEDO Foundation.

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