23 Oct 2021

Economic problems, in the news for all the wrong reasons, from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th October, Beirut was in the news for the right reasons.

The capital and biggest city in Lebanon, it was the host for the Adel Hakim Veteran Tournament, the event’s fourth edition.

by Ian Marshall

Sponsored by Rock Production, staged at the Ghazir club, no less than 100 players competed representing five Arab member associations.

Additional to the hosts, players from Egypt, Iraq, Sudan and Syria competed.

Medallists in men’s singles 30 to 39 years (Photo: Lebanon Table Tennis Federation)


All efforts were greatly appreciated by Rock Hakim, Owner and Managing Director of Rock Production.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the tournament despite the obstacles nowadays in Lebanon. The event was supervised by the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation under the leadership of Mr. George Kopaly, President and Mr. Selim Nicolas, Honorary President. Thanks to all participating players, especially those from Iraq. They brought a good team under the leadership of Mr. Kassim Keloon, Vice President of Iraq Table Tennis Association, who took part and was the runner up in men’s over 60. Thanks to the players from Egypt, Syria and Sudan.” Rock Hakim

The successful players in men’s singles 40 to 49 years (Photo: Lebanon Table Tennis Federation)


Likewise, Khaled El-Salhy, President of the African Table Tennis Federation and a long time supporter of the tournament, was delighted with the progress that had been and that such an event could be organised in a time of civil unrest and anti-government demonstrations.

“I am so happy to recognise the remarkable success for the 4th Adel Hakim International Table Tennis Tournament. I have been always a part of the organisation since its first edition in 2011, in the next two editions in 2012 and 2013 it was even more successful. Now, after a break for seven years to come back with such great success through the efforts of all participants and accompanying officials, even with the well known recent obstacles in Lebanon economically and logistically, is a great achievement.” Khaled El-Salhy

It was the first time female players had been included in the tournament.


Roll of Honour
Men’s Team: 1. Hard Rock, Lebanon (M. Al Habash, F. Kiwan, O. Al Homsi) 2. Al Fadi El Akdas, Lebanon (T. Fersan, H. Moukhtar, I. Khawand)
Men’s Doubles: 1. Hilal Moukhtar / Rock Hakim (LIB) 2. Osama Al Homsi / Joseph Shalhoub (LIB)
Men’s Singles 30-39 Years: 1. Rock Hakim (LIB) 2. Hilal Moukhtar (LIB)
Men’s Singles 40-49 Years: 1. Mohammed Al Habarsh (LIB) 2. Wael Seieddine (LIB)
Men’s Singles 50-59 Years: 1. Joseph Shalloub (LIB) 2. Issam Khawand (LIB)
Men’s Singles 60 Years & Over: 1. Safaa Kadhim Radhi (IRQ) 2. Kassim Keloon (IRQ)

The organisers and all award winners (Photo: Lebanon Table Tennis Federation)

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