30 Nov 2020

The 2020 ITTF Americas General Assembly was held virtually on Thursday 26th November, marking the second meeting of the assembly following the Foundational General Assembly held last year in Cancun, Mexico.

A total of 59 delegates from 32 Member Associations were in attendance, while delegates from another four Associations were also present as observes.

In addition, the following distinguished guests from sporting organisations also attended the Assembly:

  • Luis Mejia, IOC Member and Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization President.
  • Francisco Lee, Association of Pan American Sports Confederations (ACODEPA) President.
  • Sheri Rose Cioroslan (USA), Miguel Delgado (GUA), Tony Kiesenhofer (CAN), Melecio E. Rivera (ESA), Gordon Kaye (USA) and Jairo Orlando Paez (COL), former presidents of LATTU and NATTU.

The meeting was chaired by the two American ITTF Executive Vice-Presidents, Nestor Tenca and Bruce Burton as part of the transition ahead of the election of the ITTF Americas leadership.

Delivering a warm welcome to all in attendance, both Vice-Presidents hailed the progressive steps taken towards a brighter future for table tennis on the Pan American continent while highlighting the importance of collaboration with governing bodies around the globe:

“This Confederation is the fruit of the work of the leaders of the Americas who, with the support of the ITTF and Panam Sports, prioritised a continental vision over historical regional structures in the conviction that the Americas unit will allow a higher level in quality. The new organisation forces us to work strongly aligned with the ITTF’s strategic plan in the maintenance of the high-quality standards of our Pan American Championships and their Regional classifications, and also pursues the highest development in all the countries that have also limited economic resources, geographic or population limitations.” Nestor Tenca, ITTF Executive Vice-President

“During these pandemic times it is refreshing to be part of something so positive and historic. The ever-increasing success of the Pan Am Games, our Pan American table tennis competitions, and the rising stars from the Americas on the world scene, has solidified our commitment. There are challenges remaining of course, but this AGM and election of officials, represents a critical step towards a promising future. A future where cooperation with Pan Am Sports, ACODEPA, the ITTF, and especially the member associations allow us to fulfil our dreams.” Bruce Burton, ITTF Executive Vice-President

2020 ITTF Americas General Assembly embraces virtual form

The election process saw Mr Juan Vila, LATTU President and Vice-Minister of Sports of the Dominican Republic elected the first-ever ITTF Americas President with 83.3% of the vote, while Mr Paul Calle, President of the Ecuador Table Tennis Federation was elected to the office of ITTF Americas Secretary General – Treasurer after receiving a 68.8% share of the vote. In addition, the minutes from the 2019 meeting were approved.

Running unopposed, Juan Vila gave an emotive acceptance speech following his election to office, thanking everyone who participated in the process while bringing to attention all the hard work that has been undertaken in bringing the region’s table tennis family closer together in unity:

“With this election process today, we culminate a beautiful journey that offered us great lessons, marked by dreams, doubts, disappointments, sadness and joys, but above all, by a firm faith that the unity of American Table Tennis would be a reality. From today we have the solemn commitment to continue working, following the strategic plan that we have drawn up, aligned with the macro projects of the ITTF. Thank you very much to all of you, great friends for your confidence in my team, a group of men and women who love sport, that we have forged ourselves under the Olympic principles.” Juan Vila, ITTF Americas President

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