17 Nov 2020

The ITTF Executive Committee (EC) met on Wednesday 11th November 2020 to discuss the latest situation for international table tennis amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EC received the weekly report of the COVID-19 task force, analysing the situation of the pandemic in different regions of the world. Based on experiences gained during preparations for the current #RESTART series in China, the EC discussed at length the possibility for the World Team Table Tennis Championships to be held in Busan, Korea Republic, in February 2021. The Secretary General of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) in Busan, Mr Park, gave an update on the preparations, with further information to be presented to the Board of Directors (BoD) on Thursday 19th November.

Key Decisions

  1. Continental Qualification events for Tokyo Olympic Games 

The EC will approach the continental federations, whose qualification events for the Olympic Games are still pending, and make a strong recommendation for the continental events to be held in the same place as the world qualification event. The reason for this would be to provide safer conditions for the athletes and everyone involved by directing resources to the same location.

With the current travel restrictions around the world, a player not obtaining qualification at the continental event would be potentially subject to four quarantines, on completing two round-trips, as well as increased travel costs to different locations. The EC also stated that Sustainability is a key consideration during the pandemic and the economy of certain member associations may have been severely affected due to the pandemic.

  1. Adjustments to the Paralympic Games qualification system

In view of the pandemic, there will be no Para Table Tennis events in the first quarter of 2021. Therefore, an adjustment to the qualification system was approved by the EC after receiving the pre-agreement of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and after discussion with the Para Table Tennis working group including the athletes’ representatives.

  1. Cancellation of the 2021 Para Table Tennis Continental Championships

Based on the report received by the Para Table Tennis working group and with a short window after the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games, it was agreed that there will be no Continental Para Table Tennis Championships in 2021. The focus will be to ensure that the 2021-2024 Para Table Tennis calendar can be resumed with proper arrangements after the Paralympics are completed, from 1st October 2021.

In January 2021, the IPC will determine the events programme for Paris 2024 and the application process for the 2022 World Para Championships and the 2023 Continental Para Championships will be open in February 2021, with the deadline for submission of candidatures set for 30th June 2021.

  1. Peaceful resolution of dispute between the ITTF and Mr. Adham Sharara 

The EC ratified the decision to make a settlement in relation to the suspension of former ITTF President, Mr Adham Sharara. In light of this settlement, the EC confirmed that the suspension will terminate on 30th November 2020 and Mr Sharara’s legal counsel confirmed the withdrawal of Mr Sharara’s appeal from the Court of Arbitration of Sport.

The next ITTF Executive Committee will be held on Thursday 3rd December 2020.

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