06 Jul 2020

The ITTF Foundation's initiatives which were previously highlighted in May, have continued in June, with the result seeing project leaders from around the world being busy with major developments.

Sharing positive initiatives, we hope to encourage our fans to take a deeper look at the contributions the project leaders are offering their communities.

As part of the #TableTennisUnited movement, the ITTF Foundation and their project leaders have witnessed a campaign that started well with 37 donors and is still growing.

The latest update comes from India, where Pro Sport Development (PSD)  have managed to provide hygiene kits to 800 participants and their families studying in the two schools of Bhubaneswar namely, Beena Bharati Vidya Mandir (Bharatpur) and Vivekananda Shikshya Kendra (Dum Duma).

Furthermore, the PSD has provided sanitary kits to partner schools in Bhubaneswar where these children study.

The hygiene kit for each child and his/her family in Bhubaneswar include:

  • two face masks
  • three soap bars
  • two packets of sanitary pads (20 pads in each packet)
  • one set of pamphlets with official information on COVID-19 and fitness at home exercises


The sanitary kits for the schools in Bhubaneswar (Beena Bharati Vidya Mandir, Bharatpur and Vivekananda Shiksha Kendra, Dum Duma) include:

  • 15 litres of liquid soap in each school
  • three soap dispensers in each school

The purchase and distribution of both kits was carried out by the team in Bhubaneswar between Thursday 28th May and Wednesday June 2020.


In Kenya, the Talent4Development project leaders have visited more than 20 families of the children participating in their programme to provide food supplies, soap, locally produced masks, some school books, table tennis rackets and balls.


However, with the lockdown situation, only half of the families could be supported. Other families had moved to the rural areas given the difficulty for them to stay on without being able to work.

It is expected that the families will come back as soon as the lockdown is over and that they will be able to work again. The Talent4Development team will continue to provide support to start back strongly and gain hope after these challenging times.

Overall, the donations have been a success because it allowed the staff to know the families of the programme beneficiaries better and build a stronger relation for when the programmes starts again.

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