04 Jul 2020

Initiatives highlighted in May, continued in June, the result is that ITTF Foundation's project leaders have been busy.

Sharing positive initiatives, we hope to encourage our fans to take a deeper look at the contributions the project leaders are offering their communities.

Earlier in April, the ITTF Foundation, decided to reallocate funds towards solutions advised by the project leaders to alleviate the impacts of Covid-19 in communities, read more…

As the effects of the pandemic drag on, the ITTF Foundation dream building fund partners  have moved their activities dramatically to bring solutions for the immediate needs of their communities: food, hygiene kits, information, and education.

The ITTF Foundation continues to stand by all grantees during this global crisis.

Ecuador standing strong

Fundación de las Américas, known by the acronym Fudela, successfully donated 100 kits to families from their programmes. The kits contained basic health food supplies, health and hygiene kits, basic table tennis equipment (rackets and balls) plus a manual guide outlining examples of recreational activities that can be performed at home.

The Fudela team assembled and delivered the respective kits themselves to ensure security and respect of health requirements.  Delivery took time; the team wanted to review an updated status of each of the beneficiaries in the different areas of Ecuador. The aim was to determine which areas were not receiving external aid and would have higher vulnerability to the emergency.

Through this evaluation, it was determined that the 100 food kits would be distributed to: Esmeraldas, in the north west of Ecuador and sports kits would be distributed among several areas namely: Sucumbíos, Quito, Imbabura and Santo Domingo, as well as Esmeraldas.

Given the situation in Esmeraldas and the little external support received, the Fudela team assisted in making deliveries themselves.

The support in Ghana has been more than helpful.
Ghana’s community strength

On the Thursday 28th May and Wednesday 3rd June, the implementation of ‘Smash Covid-19 Away’ project was completed by ASOBA & NK Foundation in the Ofankor and Kweikuma communities.

A total of nearly 200 families, 100 in Ofankor and 100 in Kweikuma received food and sanitation support. This was given during an official event that was organised to raise awareness and provide necessary information to the recipients.

Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and affected many countries in diverse ways. Table tennis is not left out and this has affected Asoba and NK Foundations’ programmes. The hardship brought by this pandemic cannot be overlooked and there is the need to give assurance of hope to the families that this pandemic will be over soon. This is why we are here.” Ishmael Abraham Armah, Project Leader

Families who were present were briefed about COVID-19 by Dr. Kwasi Ofori-Anti from the National COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit, who also discussed with the parents and the children the best ways to stay safe.  This was followed by an appeal by Charles Tachie-Menson, Executive member of Ghana Table Tennis Association, to support the good work of Asoba and NK Foundations in order to continue reaching out to more children and families in distress. 

Joyce Nsiah, headmistress of Kweikuma MA Primary School offered advice on studying during the crisis. 

The ITTF Foundation is very proud of the solidarity within the Dream Building Fund projects and their involvement in their communities. The ITTF Foundation continues to stand by all our grantees during this global crisis and hopes the lockdown will be lifted soon so that parents can make a living again and children can play again.

If you wish to support these projects, as well as, all those in the table tennis family impacted by COVID-19: TTUnited

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