15 May 2020

Re-live the standout moments from past World Table Tennis Championships all over again with "World Championships Rewind"!

Ding secures a momentous gold! (2011 Rotterdam)

Women’s Singles: Final

Well, well, well! Ding Ning has really won the hearts of all fans today with her stunning 4-2 (12-10, 13-11, 11-9, 8-11, 8-11, 11-7) win over compatriot, Li Xiaoxia in the World Championships women’s singles final!

Having taken a mammoth lead of three games, it seemed unlikely Ding would face much trouble. But Li came back by winning two consecutive games to give Ding’s fans some serious doubts. However, she had none – and managed to collect her best form to win the title in the sixth game!

Ding Ning won 4-2 to claim the champion of the event. (Xinhua/Wu Wei)
Ding and Li engaged in battle (2011 Rotterdam)

Women’s Singles: Final

The all-China women’s singles final has begun and how!

Ding Ning, the young athlete who many are now calling the ‘Queen of Hearts’ has taken a 2-0 lead against Li Xiaoxia, by winning the first two games 12-10, 13-11. Both games were clutch for the athletes as they went down to the wire with every point played as if it were the last! With Ding being so clinical, is there any way back for Li?

Ma & Xu coast to the gold! (2011 Rotterdam)

Men’s Doubles: Final

China’s Ma Long and Xu Xin have totally dominated the men’s doubles final here at the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam, as they beat Chen Qi and Ma Lin 4-1 (11-3, 11-8, 4-11, 11-4, 11-7). 

In the all-Chinese final, the veterans Chen Qi and Ma Lin were not afforded any space by their younger opponents, who had a decisive plan in mind, and then put it to action with much vigor. Ma and Xu are becoming a formidable partnership and this gold medal just goes forth to prove that more.

Ma Long and Xu Xin win!
Kong wins gold in a dramatic comeback! (1995 Tianjin)

Men’s Singles: Final

Kong Linghui has defied the expectations and the scoreboard to make a splendid comeback and win the men’s gold at the 1995 World Table Tennis Championships!

After being down by a game in three, Kong rallied his strength and won the remaining two games in style to defeat Chinese colleague Liu Guoliang and secure the gold medal, winning 3-2 (17-21, 21-16, 15-21, 21-14, 21-10).

Kong Linghui wins the finals!
Liu takes the lead in the final (1995 Tianjin)

Men’s Singles: Final

And here it is – the final of the men’s singles at the 1995 World Table Tennis Championships in Tianjin! Kong Linghui is taking on Liu Guoliang, and the latter has made a very strong start.

Liu leads Kong by 2-1 (21-17, 16-21, 21-15) and is looking menacing on the counter, as he has managed to keep Kong from playing his usual game. Will this be enough for Liu to secure the title?

Liu in the clear against Wang (1995 Tianjin)

Men’s Singles: Semi-final

In the second semi-final of the men’s singles, Liu Guoliang has seen off the challenge of teammate Wang Tao in four games, meaning he will meet Kong Linghui in the final later.

Despite losing the first game 17-21, Liu gathered himself relatively quickly and prevented any more setbacks by winning three games on the bounce thereafter (17-21, 21-15, 21-18, 21-16).

Can Liu Guoliang win the final?
Kong sees off Ding to reach final (1995 Tianjin)

Men’s Singles: Semi-final

A marathon three games saw Kong Linghui defeat his Chinese compatriot Ding Song in the semi-finals of the men’s singles here at the 1995 World Table Tennis Championships.

Winning 3-0 (21-12, 25-18, 21-18), Kong was pushed to his limits by Ding, especially in the second game where the scoreboard was just on an upward curve at one point. Eventually, Kong found a way around Ding’s defence and made sure his final blow counted to finish off the match in style.

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