06 May 2020

Located in the German city of Leipzig, officially opened on Saturday 28th September, the first year for the ITTF Foundation at its new headquarters has proved most productive.

Not only has a growth in staff been experienced, in addition field missions have been boosted whilst in the office, continually, the theme has been “Solidarity through Table Tennis”.

by Julia Tappendorf, ITTF Foundation – Global Programmes and Operations Co-ordinator

Learn more about us! Learn how we are organised. Learn about our Governing Board and our Board of Trustees.

Appreciate the hard work of our staff behind the scenes, as well as on the front line guiding and promoting humanitarian projects worldwide, creating positive social change. Gain an understanding of projects that have focused on women and girls, people with a disability, refugees and those socially deprived.

It is a policy that is very much at the heart of Thomas Weikert, President of both the International Table Tennis Federation and the Foundation,

“Thanks to the establishment of the ITTF Foundation and our high investment in its growth, we can proudly state that our commitment in social responsibility is a leader within the International Sports Federations.” Thomas Weikert

Understand more about our programmes and projects; how is it possible to use table tennis as an enabler for development and peace? How do we implement or support projects on the field? How can we empower them to serve as role models?

Especially, how do we use events such as the World Table Tennis Day to widen the positive social impact of our sport, attracting new players on a grassroots level and making table tennis more popular, universal and inclusive?

Vlatka Dragia (left) and (right) Elisabeth Ildal, emerged the women’s doubles runners up at the Parkinson’s World Championships staged in October in New York; the tournament was supported by the ITTF Foundation (Photo: Warren Rosenberg)


Doors opened

Under the guidance of Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director, new doors are being opened.

“The ITTF Foundation emerged from the social commitment within the ITTF that stems as far back as the Ping Pong Diplomacy in the ´70s or even earlier when the first ITTF President – Ivor Montagu – strived for solidarity by bringing the countries together. This is what makes us unique, compared to any other sporting foundations.” Leandro Olvech

Find out what’s next – how do we plan to focus and work on our future endeavours!

Make absolutely no mistake; no virus will be able to stop us!


The smile writes a thousand words (Photo: ITTF Foundation)
ITTF Foundation Thomas Weikert Leandro Olvech