13 Mar 2020

Titles upon titles for Brazil at the recently concluded South American Junior and Cadet Championships; on Wednesday 11th March, in the very same venue in Lima, there was more gold at the 2020 Peru Junior and Cadet Open but the challenge to their dominance was far greater.

Two team event titles were secured, as honours were shared with the host nation and Chile.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Peru, represented by Carlos Fernandez and Adolfo Cucho won the junior boys’ team title but in the final they were tested by the Argentine combination of Matias Velarde and Matias Guadalupe; they had to resist a spirited recovery.

Carlos Fernandez gave Peru the perfect start, he beat Matias Velarde (13-11, 9-11, 6-11, 11-9, 11-7); Aldofo Cucho doubled the advantage by accounting for Matias Guadalupe (11-6, 11-4, 11-3). It was at that stage the Argentine fightback began.

Matias Guadalupe and Matias Velarde combined to secure the doubles (3-11, 11-7, 11-7, 11-9), before Matias Guadalupe accounted for Carlos Fernandez (11-9, 11-9, 11-7) to level matters. The outcome in the balance, Adolfo Cucho beat Matias Velarde (12-10, 11-7, 11-7) to seal the top prize.

Partnering Matias Velarde, Matias Guadalupe initiated a spirited fightback (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


Earlier in a less dramatic manner, Adolfo Cucho and Carlos Fernandez had recorded a 3-0 quarter-final success against Chile’s Jean Parra and Jeremias Paredes, followed by success by the same margin when facing colleagues José Zapata and Adrian Rubinos. Similarly, in the opposite half of the draw, at the same stages, Matias Velarde and Matias Guadalupe had secured a 3-0 win against Brazil’s Henrique Noguti and Luigi Yamane, followed by 3-1 success against Ecuador’s Mathias Lecaro and Neycer Robalino.

Fernanda Araneda and Constanza Mesas secure top prize

Gold for Peru, in the cadet girls’ team event it was gold for Chile. Fernanda Araneda and Constanza Mesas secured the top prize.

After recording a 3-0 quarter-final success against Peru’s Alejandro Chavez and Tatiana Soria, a 3-1 margin of victory was recorded in opposition to Brazil’s Karina Shiray and Victoria Strassburger, prior to the title being sealed, by once again overcoming host nation opposition. A 3-1 win proved the outcome against Cecilia Zea and Karla Mendoza.

The podium in the cadet girls’ team event (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


In the adjacent half of the draw, Cecilia Zea and Karla Mendoza had progressed courtesy of a 3-1 against Ecuador’s Keimy Anchundia and Maria Borja, followed by a 3-0 victory in opposition to Chile’s Romina Barrientos and Sofia Perez.

Dominant performances

Success for Chile and Peru; in the junior girls’ team and cadet boys’ team events, Brazil proved dominant.

A direct entry to the semi-finals, in the cadet girls’ team event, Giulia Takahashi and Laura Watanabe recorded a 3-0 win against Peru’s Alessandra Cisneros and Maria Maldonado, prior to securing the same margin of victory in opposition to Divina Ding and Valentina Parola in the title deciding contest.

Gold for Laura Watanabe in the junior girls’ team event partnering Giulia Takahashi (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


Success for Giulia Takahashi and an air of revenge, at the quarter-final stage Divina Ding and Valentina Parola had recorded a narrow 3-2 margin of victory against Brazil’s Barbara Jorente and Lhays Stolarsky, before securing a 3-1 success when facing Chile’s Jerusalen Flore and Macarena Montecino.

Similarly impressive

Impressive from Brazil in the junior girls’ team event, it was the same in the cadet boys’ team event; Leonardo Ilzuka and Nicolas Nishimura recorded a 3-1 win against Ecuador’s Jeremy Cedeño and Diego Piguage, thus maintaining form. At the quarter-final stage they had claimed a 3-0 victory in opposition to Chile’s Alvaro Fuentes and Josthyn Miranda, followed by a 3-1 penultimate round win against Peru’s Ranzo Zeballos and Eduardo Mendoza.

Notable performances and as in the junior girls’ team event an air of national revenge; Jeremy Cedeño and Diego Piguave having stifled Brazilan hopes.

Medallists in the cadet boys’ team event (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


At the quarter-final stage they posted a 3-0 win against Rafael Takahashi and Augusto Sasaki, prior to securing a 3-1 success in opposition to Thiago Motizuki and Nicolas Duarte.

Proceedings now focus on the individual events.

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