20 Feb 2020

Incumbent ITTF President Thomas Weikert has today announced that he intends to stand for re-election when the presidential elections are held at the ITTF Annual General Meeting in 2021.

Weikert was elected for his first term in 2017 at the ITTF World Championships in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“It has been an immense honour to serve as the elected ITTF President since 2017 and I am delighted with what we as a global table tennis family have achieved during the past three years. We have taken huge strides forward.

“It would give me great pride to continue to serve the ITTF and National Federations for a second elected term in 2021. I believe table tennis is on a prosperous path and there are many more great results that we can achieve together. Our expanded ITTF team, including full-time and voluntary staff, is professional, ambitious and creative – and we are firmly united in the belief we have a great sport.” – ITTF President, Thomas Weikert

Since Weikert was elected president on 31st May 2017, the ITTF has succeeded in delivering the following:

  • Strategic Plan to lay out a new framework for the sport, including the creation of World Table Tennis (WTT), a new commercial vehicle designed to take table tennis to unprecedented heights.
  • Enhanced Governance Review to fulfil the correct requirements and best practices of the IOC and be fully compliant with international Good Governance and Anti-Doping regulations.
  • Harnessing the power of table tennis for positive social purposes through the creation of the ITTF Foundation.
  • Bringing Para Table Tennis under the remit of the ITTF with improved funding and resources.
  • A new ITTF staff structure, more than doubling the number of employees to meet all current and future professional and organisational requirements.

“It is a credit to the ITTF team that has been built over the last three years that we were able to stabilise our organisation’s finances. This will ensure a healthy future for the ITTF and our sport, enabling each National Federation to grow and develop further.

“It takes time to implement a strong and dynamic new vision. This includes making important structural and organisational changes, and we are now seeing the benefits of the Strategic Plan that was put in place in 2017. A strong team makes the difference, so thanks to everyone who has been a part of it. We have a positive and exciting future ahead of us.

“I now look forward to meeting many more National Associations and stakeholders to listen and learn about their priorities and national requirements.” – ITTF President, Thomas Weikert

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