13 Feb 2020

Staged from Monday 31st August 2020 to Sunday 31st January 2021, in conjunction with the ITTF Foundation, the University of Leipzig (ITK) offers a five month sports science education course in Arabic.

Furthermore, scholarships are available by contacting the German Embassy.

by Wiebke Scheffler, ITTF Foundation – Head of Operations

It is a major opportunity for Arabic speaking coaches


The objectives are to:

  • improve the work of physical education teachers and coaches
  • train athletes and teams appropriately to their age in table tennis
  • apply the acquired and in depth knowledge as well as methodical competences in practical sports training under different conditions
  • analyse development tendencies in table tennis and to take this into consideration when planning an own training process to act as multipliers in table tennis, e.g. by organising training and further education courses for sports coaches and instructors in the specific home country

Items on the agenda are:

  • general science of training
  • sport medicine
  • introduction to sports management
  • sports didactics
  • sports psychology
  • introduction to strength training
  • introduction to the German language
  • Framework programme

How to apply

Applications must be submitted only to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the applicant’s home country and must arrive in Leipzig by the application deadline.

Embassies may define their own application deadline well before the official deadline published on our website to ensure timely arrival of all applications.


General admission requirements are:

  • permanent residency in Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America
  • successfully completed a full course of university education in the field of physical education or sport
  • professional experience
  • experience as an athlete
  • Arabic native speaker of fluent in Arabic
  • medical fitness
  • applicants must not be over 40 years of age
Deadline date

The deadline date in Sunday 1st March, in some instances Saturday 15th February

ITTF Foundation University of Leipzig