06 Feb 2020

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) solicits help with supplying face masks and medical suits to people in China in order to counter the spread of infection.

The spread of the Novel Coronavirus has continued to escalate, especially in China, and last week, with the help of the ITTF’s Sports Science and Medical Committee, guidelines were sent to all NA’s and Event Organisers about what measures should be taken by players and event organisers in order to minimise the risk of possible infection.

Currently in China there is a real need of face masks and medical suits that will help the country to stop the spread of infection. On behalf of the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA), the ITTF is asking for anyone within the table tennis community who knows how to find suppliers and manufacturers of these much-needed items to help deliver them to the people of China.

If you know any suppliers or know of any way at all to get these heavily sought-after items, it would be of great help and support to the country and of course to our close table tennis friends in China.

The CTTA is ready and willing to purchase as needed so they can donate to the affected areas in China.

The supplies needed are:

1. Medical surgical mask (China’s standard YY0469-2011 or beyond)
2. Protective face mask for medical use standard (China’s Standard GB19083-2010, American Standard Medical N95 1860 or beyond)
3. Protective medical suits (China’s standard GB19082-2009 or beyond)
4. Protective medical goggles

If you have any way to help at all, please contact the ITTF. Your help and action in this matter is highly appreciated.

Please note that the ITTF is still monitoring the situation and the impact of upcoming table tennis activities. If there is any change or effect on the schedule, we shall inform you immediately.

Join the ITTF family in sending support to our friends in China.

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