03 Dec 2019

China's Xu Xin returns to the summit, as Sun Yingsha moves up to world no.2.; There are also major moves made by Korea Republic's An Jaehyun and China's Qian Tianyi. But who were the others to rise and fall?

Read on ahead for the shake-up in the December's World Ranking!

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Elevated to top spot earlier this year in July, China’s Xu Xin returns to the pinnacle of the men’s world ranking as Fan Zhendong now appears at no.2. For the women, Sun Yingsha has climbed one place to no.2 while Chinese Taipei’s Cheng I-Ching climbs from no.11 to no.8, Singapore’s Feng Tianwei remains at no.9, Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa falls to no.10.

But what about the others outside the top 10?

Reaching new heights

New heights, lower down the order in the top 50 names on the women’s world rankings, it is the same China’s Qian Tianyi and 2019 Hong Kong Open winner Wang Yidi, as it is for Lily Zhang of the United States and Egypt’s Dina Meshref.

A previous best last month in November, Qian Tianyi moves from no.71 to no.43, the Pan American Championship winner Lily Zhang move ahead from no.33 to no.26.

Similarly, Wang Yidi climbs from no.23 to no.18, Dina Meshref from no.36 to no.31. The prior best for Wang Yidi was no.22 earlier this year in August, for Dina Meshref no.32 in October.

Likewise for the men, Korea Republic’s An Jaehyun, China’s Zhao Zihao and Japan’s Takuya Jin all enjoy career high listings. New standards set in November, Zhao Zihao climbs from no.41 to no.29,  Takuya Jin advances from no.52 to no.44.

Somewhat differently, after suffering a tough drop in the November rankings, An Jaehyun exceeds his previous highest listing of no.45 earlier this year in October, as he moved from no.62 to no.40. For the Czech Republic’s Pavel Sirucek, he equals his best ever status of two months ago in September, previously at no.50, he is once again at no.45.

An Jaehyun moves from no.62 to no.40 (Photo: Rémy Gros)
Further down list

Meanwhile, on the overall scale of world rankings, there were plenty of changes seen in the space of 30 days as we extend to the list to the top 100 names, on the women’s ranking, Thailand’s Orawan Paranang and Egypt’s Yousra Helmy all reached new heights in November and continue to climb to the order. Paranang moved 9 spots from world no.111 to world no.92, while Yousra Helmy moved to no.83 from world no. 99.

Also there are career bests for China’s Fan Siqi and Liu Weishan. Fan Siqi climbs from no.155 to no.95, her previous best being no.114 in April 2016; Liu Weishan who reached no.107 in November 2017, advances from no.128 to no.98.

Rather similarly, in November at no.85, Korea Republic’s Kim Hayeong matches her previous highest status of no.74 in August.

Kim Hayeong matches her previous best (Photo: Rémy Gros)
Stand out name

Names to catch the eye but if there is one above all others that attracts the attention as we scan the top 100 men, it is Ibrahima Diaw; he moves from a previous best of no.115 to no.82. Without any need to scan the record books, it is the highest world ranking ever achieved by a player from Senegal.

Moving from one career best to another, it is no different for Japan’s Yukiya Uda and China’s Sun Wen. Yukiya Uda advances from no.69 to no.53; Sun Wen from 107 to no.91. Also claiming new highs, Brazil’s Vitor Ishiy, who in October stood at no.64, advances from no.77 to no.59, Japan’s Yuki Hirano at no.107 in July, progresses from no.109 to no.94.

Major progress, amongst prominent names on the women’s list, there is most significant progress for China’s Gu Yuting, who advances from no.54 to no.37, as there is for colleague, Lui Fei. She climbs from no.102 to no.79. However, the most notable is that of Austria’s Liu Jia, like Fan Siqi she progresses 60 places; she moves from no.147 to no.87.

All approach their previous best. Gu Yuting stood at no.11 in July 2018, Liu Fei at no.23 in April 2015, Liu Jia at no.9 in April 2005.

Gu Yuting is now at no.37 (Photo: Rémy Gros)
More Austrian progress

Progress for one Austrian, there is the same for another; on the men’s list Daniel Habesohn climbs 11 places to no.32 and thus approaches his no.27 standing of earlier this year in August. Further down the men’s list there is positive news for Portugal’s João Monteiro, Hong Kong’s Lam Siu Hang, India’s Harmeet Desai and Mexico’s Marcos Madrid.

João Monteiro moves from no.108 to no.87, Lam Siu Hang from no.121 to 100, Harmeet Desai from no.104 to no.85, Marcos Madrid from no.85 to no.70. The previous best for João Monteiro was no.59 in September 2008, for Lam Siu Hang no.56 in January 2018, for Harmeet Desai no.60 in February 2018. Similarly for Marcos Madrid, two months ago he attained the no.66 spot.

Moving up the list but there are those who must make way; in men’s list the major players to suffer are Japan’s Jin Ueda who drops from no.67 to no.231 and China’s Liu Dingshuo who falls from no.51 to no.115. Similarly for the women, the most pertinent names are China’s Wu Yang and Zhang Qiang; Wu Yang falls from no.77 to no.158, Zhang Qiang from no.90 to no.135.

Marcos Madrid climbs from no.85 to no.70 (Photo: Rémy Gros)

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