19 Oct 2019

Changing lives for the better through the sport of table tennis; it is a basic principle of the ITTF Foundation – Dream Building Fund.

Now applications for such projects to be held in 2020 which have the goals of positive social outcomes are open.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

A wide range of activities have been initiated in recent years, a prime example being the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, a focal point for World Table Tennis Day in 2018.

Notably present to support proceedings on that occasion was Korea Republic’s Ryu Seungmin, gold medallist at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games; his presence endorsed the fact that table tennis is the sport for everyone, there are no barriers. A well-worn adage but one with great validity, everyone can play table tennis, everyone has played table tennis.

It is the global sport. Supported by the ITTF Foundation, a highly successful Parkinson’s World Championships was staged recently in New York, in Paralympic play, there are  11 classes for men, the same number for women; equally the International Table Tennis Federation has a 226 members; every possible landmass involved in the sport. The facts speak for themselves.

The continual goal is to increase participation, provide opportunities and break down barriers by establishing humanitarian goals that will stand the test of time and are commensurate with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Teamwork, transparency and determination to make a project work are very much key factors; inclusive, sustainable and meaningful.

ITTF Foundation: Dream Building Fund

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