02 Sep 2019

As of 1st September 2019, the new ITTF Equipment Office in Cologne, Germany, is up and running under the direction of Claudia Herweg, Head of Equipment, and supported by further staff on site.

“The new ITTF Equipment Office in Cologne represents an important step in terms of modernising the way in which all table tennis equipment is tested and developed for professional use across the globe. We look forward to seeing the continued growth of this area towards the proposed opening of a laboratory in tandem with the new Home of Table Tennis.” – Steve Dainton, ITTF CEO

Making sure that all equipment meets the high standards of quality required for professional table tennis is no small order. That is when the ITTF Equipment Office swings into action to define standards, develop test methods and devices, test new products inside the department and in external labs, and publish the approved products.

There are more than 1,500 different models of rubbers approved, 90 types of balls, 150 tables, 50 nets and 15 floors currently out there in a highly competitive global market. To ensure that the quality in the markets corresponds with the approved products is one more duty.

“We need to understand and control the triangle of RACKET – BALL – TABLE perfectly, to create conditions where each player worldwide can show their best performance and enjoy our wonderful sport.” – Claudia Herweg, ITTF Head of Equipment

Therefore, the ITTF Equipment Office is working on a further development of the ball qualities, on projects to measure how different balls bounce on different table surfaces, on boostering topics and on testing various materials in blades, other than traditional wood.

Everyone has seen or played with a table tennis ball at some point in their lives, but do you know what actually goes into creating them?! Find out by watching the documentary below:

Topics surrounding how to modernise the look and feel of table tennis also form an increasingly important part of the work, such as the implementation of new colours in rubbers.

“Our new office in Cologne will enable us to reach the next level in terms of developing table tennis equipment, ensuring legal use and approving top-quality products for players worldwide. This really is a fantastic opportunity to make a significant step forwards for the sport. I am very excited to be leading this department and, alongside my colleagues here, to be contributing to the good of the game.” – Claudia Herweg, ITTF Head of Equipment

A look inside the new ITTF Equipment Office in Cologne.