08 Apr 2021

Consistently trying to meet the demands of the playing population, a racket for every possible style, within the regulations required, it is the manufacturer's goal.

The effect: the number of approved racket coverings has reached quite staggering numbers.

Earlier this month on Thursday 1st April 2021, published by the International Table Tennis Federation, LARC (List of Authorized Racket Coverings) read 1,667 in number; it means that if you wish to experiment, change a sheet on a weekly basis, at the moment, you should be fine for the next 32 years!

Changing the racket covering, there has also been another change, very much a change in tradition.

Previously, LARC was published twice a year; this policy dates back to the previous century, even before the fax machine when everything was printed, the typewriter was in its heyday and delivery was by post.

Now, in order to provide more flexibility and afford manufacturers the opportunity to announce new products, the list of approved racket coverings will be published four times per year, every quarter. The first day of the month the key date, in addition to April, the list will be released in July, October and January.

Furthermore, as and from Thursday 1st April 2021, manufacturers may submit racket coverings coloured pink, purple, green and blue; official authorization will be as and from Friday 1st October 2021.

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