15 Jul 2019

Success in Geelong, the top step of the podium was the destiny for China’s Xu Xin and Sun Yingsha when play concluded at the Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour Platinum Australian Open on the evening of Sunday 14th July.

The effect is both head the respective ITTF World Tour men’s singles and women’s singles standings as the race for a place in the end of year Grand Finals gains momentum.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

On the men’s list, Xu Xin (1,713 points) replaces Ma Long (1,425 points) at the head of the order; China occupying the top four places.

Lin Gaoyuan remains at no.3 (1,250 points) with Wang Chuqin, beaten by Xu Xin in the Geelong final, climbing from no.10 to no.4 (519 points). Making way, Japan’s Tomokazu Harimoto drops one place to no.5 (506 points); a situation that applies also to Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yun-Ju. He is now at no.6 (491 points).

Major progress for Wang Chuqin, it is the same for Germany’s Patrick Franziska, the player who came within a whisker of ending the advance of Xu Xin in Geelong. He climbs from no.19 to no.10 (324 points)and thus currently holds one of the 16 places for Grand Finals’ qualification.

Major progress for Patrick Franziska (Photo: APAC / Sport Media)


One step higher for Xu Xin, on the women’s singles standings it is two steps for Sun Yingsha (1,319 points). She replaces colleague Chen Meng (1,300 points) at the top order; Chen Meng now occupies the no.2 spot (1,300 points); likewise it is a drop of one place for Wang Manyu (1,051 points), as China’s reserves the leading five places.

Despite her absence through injury in Geelong, Liu Shiwen retains the no.4 spot (779 points), ahead of Ding Ning (775 points) who now changes places with Mima Ito (681). A drop of one place for Mima Ito but there is good news for Japan; semi-finalist in Geelong, Kasumi Ishikawa moves from no.16 to no.10 (372 points).

A semi-final appearance in Geelong, Kasumi Ishikawa now occupies the no.10 spot on the women’s singles standings (Photo: APAC / Sport Media)


Notable progress and there is a most notable factor when previous years are considered. Just over the halfway point in the calendar, seven of the 12 tournaments completed; of the top 16 names on the men’s singles standings, only China’s Sun Wen (225 points) and Germany’s Dimitrij Ovtcharov (198 points) have not completed the five tournament appearance criteria to qualify for the Grand Finals. On the counterpart women’s singles standings there is just one; China’s Gu Yuting in 16th place (175 points).

Never has the basic requirement been met by so a large proportion of the elite players, so early in the calendar year; this year could prove the most intense battle for places in the Grand Finals.

Gu Yuting has made four appearances to date the Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour (Photo: Rémy Gros)


Similarly, success in Geelong, Hong Kong’s Wong Chun Ting and Doo Hoi Kem now head the mixed doubles standings. Likewise Chen Meng and Wang Manyu top the women’s doubles order; Korea Republic’s Jeoung Youngsik and Lee Sangsu now stand in second spot on the men’s doubles list.

Wong Chun Ting and Do Hoi Kem (770 points) climb three places. Former leaders, Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yun-Ju and Cheng I-Ching now occupy second place (763 points); as with Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen, now in the no.3 spot (600 points), they drop one place. Climbing the ladder but the most notable climb is that made by Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito, the runners up on Geelong, they advance from no.19 to no.6 (200 points).

Major progress for Jun Mizutani (left) and (right) Mima Ito (Photo: APAC / Sport Media)


A notable climb, in the women’s doubles standings, the most notable climb is that made by Chen Meng and Wang Manyu (500 points). Formerly, they stood in the no.5 spot in a list where Wang Manyu is the popular player; she is listed in second spot with Sun Yingsha (450 points) and third place alongside Zhu Yuling (350 points).

Similarly it is major progress for Jeoung Youngsik and Lee Sangsu; they advance three places to no.2 on the men’s doubles standings (550 points). Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin continue to lead (575 points) with Germany’s Timo Boll and Patrick Franziska, dropping one place to no.3 (450 points). The most significant climb is that made by Lin Gaoyuan and Ma Long; they move from no.23 to no.9 (188 points).

Following success in Geelong Jeoung Youngsik (left) and (right) Lee Sangsu occupy the no.2 spot on the men’s doubles standings (Photo: APAC / Sport Media)


The next Seamaster ITTF World Tour tournament on the calendar starts in Bulgaria on Tuesday 13th August.

Monday 15th July: Latest Standings after 2019 ITTF World Tour Platinum Australian Open

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