17 May 2019

A total prize fund of US$10,000.00 on offer, Taipei City is the home for the forthcoming 2019 Asian Cup Veteran Open Championships.

The tournament will be staged from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th December.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Proceedings commence with accreditation and a team leaders meeting on Wednesday 4th December, a gala dinner will be held on Saturday 7th December.

Overall a total of five age categories will be organised with men’s team and women’s team, in addition to men’s singles and women’s singles events, being held. The age groups are 40-49 years, 50 to 59 years, 60 to 69 years and 70 to 79 years in addition to 80 years and over.

All matches will be best of five games, except in the 80 years and over category when it will be best of three games.

In the team events for men, the current system employed at the World Championships of three players per team will be adopted (A v X, B v Y, C v Z, A v Y, B v X); for the women it will be two players for the singles with a further two eligible for the doubles (A v X, B v Y, Doubles, A v Y, B v X). An exception is made in the 80 and over years category where a fixture comprises two singles matches followed by a doubles.

Notably in addition to the traditional trophies, the winning team in each category receives US$400.00, the runners up US$200.00 with each of the bronze medal outfits collecting US$100.00. Similarly, in the individual events, first place is awarded US$150.00, the runner up $80.00, the bronze medallists US$50.00.

Overall, a total of 800 players will be accepted; including the gala dinner, the entry fee per team event is US$180.000 for four players; for the individual competitions it is US$15.00 per person. However, for any player who wishes to compete only in the individual events and does not wish to attend the gala dinner, the cost is US$30.00; for accompanying guest gala dinner coupons may be purchased for the sum of US$30.00 each.


Daniel Wu, Organising Committee
Tel: 86-13962751487 Email: [email protected]

Peter Ma, Asia Pacific Table Tennis Veteran Union Mr. Peter Ma
Tel: 852-90390210 Fax: 852-23081200 Email: [email protected]

2019 Asian Cup Veteran Open Championships: Prospectus (issued Thursday 16th May)
2019 Asian Cup Veteran Open Championships: Entry Form

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