18 May 2019

The top 16 names not required to compete in the group qualification stage of either the junior boys’ singles or cadet boys’ singles events at the SET 2019 Thailand Junior and Cadet Open in Bangkok; on Friday 17th May, it was a chance for players dipping their toes in international waters to test the temperature.

Aspiring young players were not left out in the cold.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Japan’s Shodi Miyagawa, Hiroto Sato and Kazuya Sugimoto, all young men whose names do not appear on the current under 18 boys’ world rankings, secured first places in their respective groups.

Likewise, there were top spots for the Korea Republic’s Hwang Jinha and Jeong Chanhee, as there was for Chinese Taipei’s Huang Chang-Yu and for Malaysia’s Lee Yang Yi. It was the same for Xie Congfen but his top place was no great surprise; the previous day he had been a member of China’s gold medal winning junior boys’ team.

Lee Yong-Yi announced his arrival (Photo: Panichar Junkana)


Also, for those with an under 18 boys’ world ranking but not one that meant they started the day as the highest rated in their respective groups, first places were secured contrary to status.

The Czech Republic’s Simon Belik, listed at no.365 gained top spot; a situation that applied also to Malaysia’s Wong Qi Shen, named at no.412, as well as to Chinese Taipei’s Kuo Chia-Hung and Thailand’s Wattanachai Samranvong. Presently, Kuo Chia-Hung stands at no.650, Wattanachai Samranvong at no.772.

Wong Wi Shen excelled expectations (Photo: Panichar Junkana)


Surprise outcomes; the initial phase of the cadet boys’ singles event was no different; seven players with no present day under 15 boys’ world ranking, secured first group places.

Again the Korea Republic was very much in evidence. Moon Seyeon and Oh Junsung topped their groups; likewise, contrary to predictions it was first place for Japan’s Yuki Ishii, Malaysia’s Caleb Hong Zi An, India’s Soumyadeep Sarkar and Hong’s Yan Masa Hiko. Not to be upstaged, Korea Republic’s Joo Hyeonseo, ranked no.428, defied the odds to secure first position in his group.

Woraset Bavornthammarat secured first place in his group (Photo: Panichar Junkana)


Meanwhile in the hopes boys’ singles event, India and Singapore were very much to the fore. Flying the flag for India, Oishik Ghosh and Ashish Jain gained first positions, for Singapore, Nicholas Tan and Ellsworth Le reserved top spots. Six groups in the initial phase, as in the cadet boys’ singles Yan Masa Hiko excelled to claim first place, a scenario that was also the lot of the host nation’s Woraset Bavornthammarat.

Play in Bangkok concludes on Sunday 19th May.

Oishik Ghosh impressed, top place in his group (Photo: Panichar Junkana)
World Junior Circuit 2019 Thailand Junior & Cadet Open Lee Yang Yi

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