29 Apr 2019

Semi-finalist earlier in the year in Portugal, a quarter-finalist in Oman, Austria’s Andreas Levenko is the name to note on the age group rankings issued for May, on Sunday 29th April.

He climbs two places to head the under 21 men’s listing, being ahead of Chinese Taipei’s Lai Chi-Chien and India’s Manav Vikash Thakkar.

by Ian Marshall Editor

Likewise, both Lai Chi-Chien and Manav Vikash Thakkar advance two positions, the player to make way being Japan’s Koyo Kanamitsu, formerly in top spot, he drops to no.5.

Rather differently on the under 21 women’s list, like Koyo Kanamitsu from Japan, Miyu Nagasaki and Satsuki Odo continue in the respective top two places. Colleague Maki Shiomi progresses one place and is now listed in the no.3 position. However, for Miyuu Kihara, also from Japan, there is significant drop; she falls from no.3 to no.10.

Similar on the under 18 boys’ world rankings, top spot is retained. China’s Xiang Peng heads the order but the player to make the greatest impression is Russia’s Lev Katsman, the winner in France in early April, he advances from no.5 to no.2 replacing Sweden’s Truls Moregard who drops one spot to no.3.

Success in France, there was also success for the host nation’s Prithika Pavade, on the under 18 girls’ world rankings, she climbs from no.11 to no.3. China’s Shi Xunyao continues to head the list ahead of Amy Wang of the United States.

Meanwhile, following his runners up spot in Belgium, on the under 15 boys’ world rankings, China’s Chen Yuanyu moves from no.13 to no.2, being one place behind Japan’s Sora Matsushima. The Czech Republic’s Simon Belik remains at no.3 followed by Peru’s Carlos Fernandez who drops two places to no.4.

Changes but on the under 15 girls’ world rankings, there is no change at the top of the order. China’s Kuai Man and Chen Yi once again hold the respective top places followed by Romania’s Elena Zaharia.

Monday 29th April: Complete World Rankings

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